I am so pleased to have read the BBC NEWS report on something I have personally known about for years. In coaching top ‘execs’ from time to time, I do discuss their environment. In fact I have helped quite a few actually tidy their workspaces which seems a foolhardy way to spend one’s coaching time, but the results speak for themselves. And if I don’t insist on doing it now it of course never gets done.

The BBC report suggests one depressive who lives in a very untidy environment 24/7 found his whole life lifted after deciding to completely tidy his living area and bedroom. He even shared this with other depressives through social media and most reported feeling more alive and positive about life.


There are always the cynics though. The glass half full brigade who neglect to realise that science has proven that negativity shortens life by approximately 8 years.

I too find it quite cathartic to tidy a drawer, a shelf or the boot of my car. Afterwards I feel a sense of better clarity, more at a subconscious level, which is probably where it’s at. Indeed this is an NLP technique in disguise despite it appearing a cheap party trick to the uninitiated.

Suffice to say, I would like to recommend this to you. Find an untidy space in your life. (We all have them). Then do a tidy-up session at speed. If you can throw away something that you deem as ‘junk’ even better. We all need to declutter regularly and yes the negs will disagree because they revel in chaos. If you think about it, you can hide away in clutter, make lots of clutter related excuses and allow the world to pass you by. When you look at clean crisp tidiness it sharpens the mind and buoys the spirit.

I dare you to improve your life today.

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