Does Trump or Clinton have access to presenting and communication coaching? I find it unbelievable that they appear to be making the most rudimentary mistakes that are positively shocking given the job they are aspiring to attain. I am pretty sure this isn’t an American thing, just very basic 101 comms skills.

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The Faux Pas List:
1. Referring to each other as ‘her’ or ‘him’ rather than by name. TRUMP – worst
2. Being ‘testy’ when the so called referees rule in the other party’s favour. TRUMP – worst
3. Focusing on each other rather than the issues – BOTH EQUALLY POOR.
4. Lack of humility – BOTH EQUALLY POOR.
5. Not answering questions properly. Being evasive. – CLINTON – worst
6. Weak/negative body language – TRUMP – worst
7. Being overly confident. TRUMP – worst
8. Failing to be statesman/stateswoman like – BOTH EQUALLY POOR.
9. Bringing up negatives the past – TRUMP – worst
10. Not being authentic. CLINTON – worst

It’s a harsh scenario for the American people – having just two real candidates to vote for. Where are the greats from the past like JFK? How come it’s so difficult to have such higher quality thought leaders theses days?

Maybe I am thinking too simplistically, but given that there is a fair chance still that either candidate may pull this off (despite polling), why don’t they try positive campaigning rather than gutter politics? Is this so hard? And why isn’t this strategy being given to them as a way to winning hands down from advisers? Maybe they don’t have any coaching? That all their advice is based on politics alone. If so, what a frightening world it is today to be a politician in the USA.

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