Many of us, me included, never thought that this TV star would ever get this far. There again if Ronald Reagan did it…
It’s fascinating to see how the competitors he’s ‘dismissed’ from the big race still don’t get his success secret. It has nothing to do with Trump’s standing, track record or policies. Something much more obvious. It’s all about the deployment of his business skills.
Trump is triumphant so far because of these TOP 7 REASONS:
1 – He’s great at marketing products. Here his number 1 product is… himself.
2 – Like all products, he has created a ‘log line’ Let’s Make America Great Again. (Hilary’s log line is:  “I am innocent of all charges”)
3 – He has honed keynote speaker presentation skills
4 – He is using empathy more and more
5 – His image (shop window of himself) is immaculate at all times
6 – He’s now being the person he wants to be (using something I call fast forward)
7 – He’s clearly using mindset tools which is a habit from his hungry past
Fewer and fewer politicians can get away with casual dress, poor diction, boring an audience and complex policies that no one really understands. Voters are more demanding and time’s are definitely changing. A bit like customers. For those political hopefuls who want to win the way Trump is winning maybe they need to check out the Top 7 list and apply it in their own campaigns.
Meanwhile, forget politics. How many of the Top 7 are you using in your business, career or major goal?

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