Making any decision can have dramatic consequences. And often, the longer the gap in deciding, the worse it gets. It becomes harder to make the decision.

There’s a little game you can play called The Decision Box.

What you do is to write down your gut feeling in making a decision and pop it into a shoe box or similar storage device – and then forget it for the time being.

If you do this often for the most seemingly insignificant decisions, so much the better. Continue this for 30 days and then open the box and read all the slips of paper. How did you do? Were your 60 second decisions good ones?

Whenever I’ve got a client to play The Decision Box game they tended to report back the following:

1 – Their gut feel 60 second decisions in retrospect were largely right  with the benefit of hindsight.

2 – Their realisation that one has an in-built decision making device called the intuition.

3 – That we muddy the water in asking other people’s opinions, thinking about it too much and generally procrastinating because we are afraid to act, and at the same time we call it ‘time to reflect’.

Now, this is not to say we must make all decisions in 60 seconds. But getting into the habit of doing this first as a step to a final decision is a great way of getting an instant ‘feel’ for the right thing to do.

It seems that we may have the right answer within the first 60 seconds via gut felt intuition and the complication only comes from elongating and delaying the inevitable need to decide something.

Quick question: Have you decided whether or not to do The Decision Box  for 30 days?  Well, if you are in anyway unsure which way to go, you now have 60 seconds…

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