There are so many of these stories!

Here’s Sarah Wood, an academic who became an internet entrepreneur, founding Unruly which was snapped up by News Corp for £114m. Not bad for a professor of American Literature.

Her breakthrough moment was the realisation that she could be part of a story around success rather than just writing about it in her work

Remember that great Evian baby advert? That was an Unruly project. (Brilliant!)

Her USP is being able to measure and evaluate the emotional content of material before it’s distributed. Given that people buy emotionally rather than logically, this is dynamite creative thinking.

Stories like this that we read about again and again underline the fact that we live in a period of history that places most of us in an opportunity arena. All we need is a sound idea with legs. Forget having to be technical yourself.

And I know what you are thinking…”I don’t have an idea with legs”. Well just go with the legs part – in fact – let your fingers or voice do the work and search for an idea. It’s about your desire remember. This is the hardest part. Finding stuff, even stumbling upon great notions by chance (and perseverance) is the easier aspect.

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