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Based on what people are currently looking for, here are some offers that are currently available. For more information please Contact Us


This current offer is for a location in Leeds, Birmingham or Oxford.

It applies to a 1-2-1 or small group and would be for 3 hours. An individual would be taken to a breakthrough outcome in the time. Preceding the session there would be a 25-minute research call by telephone or Skype.

This has been one of our most popular interventions in recent times and can be put together relatively quickly.

So often, companies and businesses are looking for a third party perspective having got lost in many internal paradigms.

If you are looking for clarity and have several barriers to success – this ‘vehicle’ is probably going to be an amazing paradigm smasher.


Would you like a creative spark (or two?) to help you blast out something that’s been hanging around through lack of creative thought? It could be anything. An idea for a new business book that needs to be written and sent to the publishers. Maybe it’s an idea for a client that could result in a major sale for your business. It could even be the content of your new website that is still waiting for those ‘magic words’.

This is a 4 hour session and you would leave the session with the content and/or key concepts. This is only currently available in Birmingham.


We can start with a blank canvas, though we recommend a telephone briefing session and each member of the team being psychologically profiled. This would be to improve team communication, heighten than performance and results or simply deal with a specific issue.

The day starts at 10.00. Lunch is for 25 minutes and the session completes at 15.30.

There is a 50 minute briefing call before hand by telephone or Skype.


Top sports players need to breakthrough old and limiting beliefs in order to forge ahead in their careers, businesses and lives. This Guerrilla Coaching style session is short yet designed to upgrade mindset rapidly and permanently. The session would be good for a sales person who needs to up their game, a CEO who lacks the confidence to make some strategic changes or a manager of a team who hasn’t got the ‘followship’ needed to make his or her mark.

The session in 90 minutes with a 20 minute setting up/planning call first by telephone or Skype. Locations available are Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Southampton.


Using film and audio, let us transform your website with improved media, perhaps interview you in a professional set up and even supply you with material you can sell to your own customers.

This offer is for the Birmingham area only and the media will be available within 48 hours.


Ever been for a BUPA medical or similar? Well this is an examination of sales skills. Come in feeling like you or your team need to be better, and leave with a diagnosis alongside simple solutions. There is a follow up session after 30 days. Sales results will be up 20% minimum or you don’t receive an invoice. A telephone interview is essential before we take up the challenge from our side.

Session will be 3 hours with 90 minute follow up.

Locations: Leeds, Birmingham, Oxford.


What if you were to discover important reasons why many of your clients are not doing as much business with you than you would like? Maybe some have left you recently and you’d like to get them back? Here we are offering you a Client Audit with solutions in an extensive report based on our findings.

Location – anywhere in the world.

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