Whenever I go to Starbucks my favourite coffee order is:¬†tall hazelnut americano with pouring cream on the side…

Little did I realise this is a good fat reduction strategy. Yes, cream helps you lose weight. Also full fat milk is far better for weight watchers than skimmed milk which is more likely to add the pounds. Wow. Cheese (full fat of course) is also good for you. Over the last 18 months the very latest research on how to lose weight and stay trim I can confirm is:

  • Cream, cheese, full fat milk and butter are good for weight loss
  • Do all your eating within an 8 hour window every day
  • Stick to 800 calories at least one day a week (fast once or twice a week)
  • Take exercise – naturally but don’t over do it
  • Make mental pictures of how you want to look at least once a day
The good news is that all of this is highly do-able and actually doesn’t demand anything too unpleasant. Potentially – it could be rather enjoyable.
Oh and as for drinking water… over 3 litres a day can potentially harm your kidneys. (People can overdose on water and die!) So drink water every day, yes – but again don’t go mad here. I see people walking about with water bottles sipping every few minutes. Is this really necessary? Science now says maybe not.

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