More good news every day. Wouldn’t that be great? How would it make you feel? Imagine more major news headlines being about positive events.
So why is it that most news we are fed is bad news and the worse the news is, the more the viewers watching it? Well it has a lot to do with the Human Condition and how it’s been conditioned over time.

I was once in the far east on business and there was an almighty crash on a major highway. People appeared from everywhere to have a look. (Not to help, just look.) Here in the UK, we slow down as we approach accidents on the opposite carriageway to have a sneak peek. Is it about warped psychology? If someone else is in trouble, it makes us feel so much better about our own lives?

The way to buck this unfortunate reality and never ending trend, is for News Programmes to have more good news to share. It’s not that there isn’t any… there’s plenty! – it’s just that news editors know that bad news brings bigger audiences.

The other option? Stop watching the news and cease reading newspapers. (Is your heart racing all of a sudden?)

Ultimately, you must decide what you choose to place in your mind. This includes the nature and quality of the content of the material too. Seriously, it’s worth considering.

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