Did England go into the match with Iceland in an over confident mood of apathy? Whether they did, or whether they didn’t they certainly didn’t give it their all as their game lacked commitment, passion and a desire to win. So I wonder whether the team got any mindset coaching? I would bet that they did not. Indeed, today in football, mindset coaching is not seen as fashionable and therefore is not that common. But in Welsh Rugby, apparently it is important and evidence suggests it makes a difference called ‘winning’. Curious also that the Welsh footballers also did well recently. Perhaps it’s a mere coincidence?

We see Iceland, a part time team of players – who are managed by a dentist (also part time) beat an experienced team 2-1. I would wager that it was far from a ‘lucky’ win and their mindset played a large part.
Is it time that footballers in this country spent more time in aligning their thinking, beliefs and mental programming before every game? As a humble coach with over 25 years of coaching experience using mindset as a key lever for success, may I suggest that mindset coaching be given a priority from now on in English football? The difference would be overwhelming. Of this I have no doubt whatsoever.

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