Two young men are arrested for being over the accepted alcohol limit. They are were arrested at Glasgow airport today. But it gets worse.

These guys are airline pilots!

Air Transat, their Canadian employers have offered the 345 passengers £200 off their next flight by way of an apology… Really?

Has the world gone mad? I think most people are horrified by drinking and driving over the legal limit (or just the idea of drink driving full stop). But airline pilots with over 345 lives in their hands? As for the airline offering £200 off their next flight because of the inconvenience of the flight delay, this sounds more like great sales and marketing!

Rules are often perceived as barriers to be negotiated and even broken. However there is something much more important at stake; Personal Responsibility. These two pilots would know in their hearts that using alcohol is like fuelling a car with a cigarette in one’s hand. Why would they have the arrogance to think that what is clearly a potentially deadly lack of responsibility – doesn’t apply to them?

The remedy here is once again… proper training as there has been a flaw in their training to date. The ‘mindset element’ of being a pilot needs re-examining. Indeed, has this element around responsibility been overlooked or even not included by many airlines? It’s the same with medicine today. Fewer would-be doctors join the profession because of any ‘inner calling’. Many see it as simply a good career choice with career possibilities.

Whatever professional path we have chosen, the biggest barrier to success is and always will be getting past our responsibility-shirking selves.

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