With all the war and trouble in the world, it’s good that we have interest in a warm and potentially sticky question about bread. That’s the money kind in the wake of BBC selling it’s hit ‘Bake Off’ show to Channel 4.

What’s curious is the fact that the show’s presenters and judges are contract free and can opt to leave the transiting hot hit that upped its viewers considerably in the last  BBC episode taken out of the oven.

Surely however the whole saga does beg a few questions?


  • Why would C4 spend such a large amount of money when the final product will probably look very very different?
  • In changing the faces of the show, couldn’t they have simply made their own version of this with additional creativity and flair?
  • Does the lack of creativity REALLY cost as much as £25m?
  • Could C4 have put £25m to better use to woo new advertisers?
  • Should all TV stations take risks with new ideas rather than buying ‘safe’ bets?
Talking about safe bets, TOP GEAR’s ratings aren’t great and Chris Evans is stepping down after just a single series. He says he’s not ‘a good fit’. Well, one respects someone who steps away from something that isn’t working in an attempt to improve a situation… And, didn’t C4 investigate the Top Gear story in light of their major transaction? Then there was ITV who bought Friends Reunited for zillions and lost most of their investment when they resold it for peanuts.

The moral? Be bold, take risks AND consider historical evidence which should also be taken into account based on common sense.

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