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Copy Writing

The difference in any message for internal use or to connect with customers is the choice of words, phrases and some originality. Maybe you want a single phrase, re-name a product or require a complete series of articles written? Run it by us for an instant idea or two with our compliments.

Video Scripts

Is it time to upgrade your video materials? It all starts with a cracking script. It could be simply a few lines or a complete 30 minute shooting script. We can also supply a studio, actors, voice overs, editing or a brainstorm session for your next creative project.

Social Media / Blogs

Linked-in? Twitter? Facebook? YouTube? Not every application suits every business. Find out what would be useful for yours and allow us to suggest a strategy and/or its regular implementation.


About to go on Dragon’s Den and need an amazing presentation? Or perhaps want to hone your presenting skills for a keynote? Maybe even you want some suggestions for an excellent speaker and would like a few names to check out?

We can get your coaching idea or communication started

We have a resource team to draw upon

We can deliver quickly within your deadline


Over the years, Glen McCoy has created original training and culture change programmes for well known businesses all over the world.

Currently such services are still available through Glen himself or via an assembled team of creative professionals. These guys are ready with sharpened pencils and creative minds ready to deliver on any challenge you wish to present. Naturally you will be keen on a fast turn around. We’re serious if you are.



We know a great deal about writing scripts that work and have much experience of producing scripts over the decades for both the BBC and ITV. Invariably a training programme will have need of a great script, and it’s best to have the right words that do all the hard work. When you need to get your message noticed, understood and acted upon, we can help you achieve this.


If your social media messaging is working you will be getting regularly noticed. This should also be translating into a measurable return in new business. However if this isn’t the case maybe we could offer some insights and even solutions? And it’s not just about creating good content but appropriate to the audience material that stimulates the minds of those you wish to attract as potential customers.

Linked in for example is used by so many people today, yet few actually use it to best advantage. We have members of our Creative Team who specialise in Linked in strategies and have many delighted businesses who keep coming back time and time again. It’s not just who you know, it’s also knowing how to truly connect with them.



Media production can sometimes be a place-order, receive goods transaction. We like to view any project as if it was our very own, then put as much thought into the big picture as possible. Where we wouldn’t want to take complete creative control, we do like to offer lots of options in order your project is as successful as possible.

Our checklist includes the written word, a trailer, message and PR strategy, additional media creation, on screen talent. coaches, speakers, locations, follow-up and so on.

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