Glen McCoy Consulting started out as a coaching company before business coaching had been fully established in the UK in the 1980s. It has seen many changes and in particular how the original coaching concept, that was built on the sports coaching model in the early part of the 20th century has become more of a counselling model that exist today. Though we are able to offer new and existing coaches help using traditional methods, we are also able to offer a more rigorous, challenging and focused approach that’s based on achieving rapid results. Guerrilla Coaching is one such methodology that’s been described as ‘a surprisingly enriching an enjoyable experience that made a big difference’.

If you are a coach or employ a coach in your enterprise that needs to up their game we can help them to achieve this in the relatively short space of time. We also have our own Coaching Model that’s based on 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and businesses all over the world.

By the way, we are often asked to create Coaching Workshops on a variety of business topics that are tailored for a particular business, level of expertise or group of people. Typical subjects are sales, creativity, leadership, customer care, problem solving, building teams, communication, NLP and so on.


  • we can coach or train one individual or a group anywhere in the world
  • we’re able to create programmes and workshops from scratch
  • we are able to access world-class coaches and trainers for any project
  • we have high delivery standards and ensure workshops are very different
  • our approach is far from standard and delegates are usually pleasantly surprised
  • we place the final outcome and agreed list of desired wins as the number 1 consideration
  • we use our own coaching software for sustainability and follow-up
  • we are able to provide keynote speakers on any business topic in any location
  • rich media nearly always features in our various delivery options
  • we cater for every learning and communication style


Whether you are starting out and want to begin from scratch, or simply want to improve your current skill level, we can help. The first step would be to identify what you want, in what time frame, and where you want to go with it. The coaching style you are seeking is also important, however if you are looking for a traditional totally non-directive approach we are probably not the right fit for you.Every year we hold ‘Guerrilla Coaching Weekends’ as well as open one day programmes. Simply register your interest with us and we’ll let you know about the next set of events coming up. The setting for these workshops will always be inspiring and there will also be surprise guests who will be there to inspire you.

There have been many successful coaches over the past decades who started initially with GMC inspiration, and many of these coaches and speakers are now sought after for keynote and other events – often in other countries too. Maybe we could even connect you to some of these success stories for further inspiration?

Coaching is a fast moving and rapidly growing People Profession all over the world, and if you’d like to be part of it, there has never been a better time.


  • workshops from one day as an introduction
  • support offered One to One as well as groups
  • GC has become very popular for companies needing faster outcomes
  • best offered to coaches who already have some basic coaching experience
  • does need a very open minded approach from the outset
  • media can be made available as a form of learning
  • our ‘Coachtrak’ Carpe Diem system is around 7-minute daily interventions
  • already GC has been successfully deployed by major worldwide brands
  • there’s the book available on as a learning option
  • message us for more information

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