(Wiki) Mary Caroline Aherne was a British comedian and BAFTA-winning writer and actress, best known for performing as the acerbic chat show host Mrs Merton, roles in the The Fast Show, and as lead in the The Royle Family, a show that she co-wrote.

Caroline has left us at a very young age – just 52. She fought most of her life with ill health, having cancer of the eye at birth like her brother. Yet in her modest time on our planet she achieved more than hundreds of people ever do who enjoy the gift of longevity.

If you could chose a fabulous shorter life versus a longer unspectacular one, which would you chose?
What’s an absolute tragedy is that most of us in the west are born healthy and will have quite long lives too – yet so many of us chose indifference in the quality of who we are able to become, what we are able to achieve and how we are able to massively contribute to the lives of others.

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