Whoops. An open microphone gets Ken Clarke in hot water with a big red face. But wait. Has he really done anything wrong? For once a politician is telling the truth!

I think the big learning here is that we should always balance the good with pointing out the ‘stretch’ for others.
Had he given feedback or even ‘soulfood’ in a proper professional way, he may have been applauded rather than lampooned.

If I was coaching him going forward, despite the fact he’ll soon be leaving parliament, I’d want him to appreciate the benefit of always starting off with espousing the good in others from the outset of all comments, then if there is any ‘not so good’ the way one expresses this should be done diplomatically as if the person is definitely in earshot.

Thanks Ken for giving us all a reminder of how it’s not done, and an opportunity to be reminded of the better way forward when we decide to review the behaviour and attitude of others who can’t defend themselves.

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