Sportsmanship is not what it used to be – if we go by Egyptian El Shehaby refusing to shake the hand of his Israeli sports opponent Or Sasson in a judo bout.

No surprise that El Shehaby, who’s face says it all in the picture, was sent home in disgrace by his own Olympic committee. It beggars belief that anyone who enters an international sports event can make it in some way political. Surely this man should have opted out of attending in the first place?

If we are to have a more peaceful and integrated world in the future, it is most certainly events like the Olympics that will be the leverage to forge better relationships, and incidents like this should be used as a teaching aid in schools to underline the fact that bad sporting behaviour is an unacceptable commodity with no exceptions.

Image attribution: [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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