Coaching Solutions

Coaching solutions plus breakthrough sessions using
‘Guerrilla Coaching’ tools.


Laser-focused brainstorm interventions. Single sessions or on-going.

From 90 minutes for teams and 1-2-1.

Creative Services

Complete creative services, video scripts, filming, voice overs, edits, blog creation & strategy, business social media, marketing copy, website/app design – look, feel and functionality

Coaching Workshops

End to End creation of transformational programmes, workshop series, accompanying media, follow up, results tracking

Glen McCoy Consulting Celebrating our 25th Year

Wow, doesn’t time fly. We’ve been in business offering coaching and development services all over the world and in our third successful decade. It’s been great working with some of the world’s largest brands in projects with a handful of people as well as quite intricate and complex briefs with hundreds of individuals.

Our USP as it were, is being able to come up with a complete coaching solution. From creativity, media production, communication strategies, workshop deliveries to on-line coaching follow up using our own original coaching software and apps.

Currently our focus is two-fold. Firstly, to offer coaching and training solutions to businesses and individuals anywhere in the world. Secondly, the creation of new innovative coaching tools. We’re delighted to be launching two cutting edge goodies this year… Coachpad and Coach Genie.

Coachpad is an all encompassing coaching platform which may be accessed by any coach in any country without charge, as well as packages for professional coaches and managers in businesses at modest monthly rates.

Coach Genie is The Coach in Your Pocket and as the name suggests, allows an individual to be coached on their mobile as well as their tablet and/or laptop. It also will allow other coaches and companies to have their own suite of ‘coaching conversations’ that their people can access with ease for use in on line training. Completed conversations may be saved, forwarded or deleted as needed.

Another great offering in Power Presenter!

It’s a one or two day high-quality media rich workshop based on the Alphabet Presenting Model®. There is also a book available on Amazon by Chris Cummins and Glen McCoy.

We are really looking forward to being of service to you individually or your organisation very soon…

Our Background

We’re here for two main reasons.

Firstly to Coach. Empowering and enabling people to do better, go faster and reach further is what it’s all about for us for the last couple of decades. This is mainly directed towards the career-minded, the ambitious, open-minded entrepreneurs and those key individuals in any business that want more growth and greater prosperity.

Second to Support Others to Coach. Making it easier for new coaches to hit the ground running, become more proficient in using their innate skills to help others and providing the tools and technology to rocket them to success quickly.

Though we’re in business to do more business, we are also here to add value without financial return. Here on this site we hope to inspire, inform, motivate and perhaps offer that tiny creative spark of new thinking that makes all the difference to a goal, life objective or important future project.

We are a collaboration. An umbrella business that resources top coaches, trainers, media makers, musicians, software programmers, animators, graphic designers and even mental architects. Because we don’t employ or have a payroll, we can assemble talent for any given project easily so offering the keenest rate for the highest quality outcome.

Here’s hoping you consider us for your next coaching requirement whatever it may be and look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your business.

Coachpad is Coming Soon!

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